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 K&N Air Filter - For 3.0 TD

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PostSubject: K&N Air Filter - For 3.0 TD   Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:02 pm

K&N don't seem to make a filter specifically for the 3.0 TD SuperCustom.... But they almost do.

I spent a little while tracking this down. The combo of 3.0 diesl engine and van body means the intake system doesn't match the usual applications of this engine in Toyotas in the US market (K&N). So I compared the dimensions and specs of what seemed to be the compatible models, against the filter from my van. I bit the bullet, ordered one off eBay and Eureka! We have a winner.

It's the 38-9203 which is for the TOYOTA HIACE 2.7 1998-2005

The cheapest was a crowd in the UK at 49 and delivery here to NZ was 18. Search eBay UK for that model number 38-9203. (Current exchange rate makes it $140 landed. The local K&N importers wanted $340 for this and a 5 week wait!)

Mod required. Yes mod as in modification.
The filter doesn't have the hole in the end for the bolt that holds the filter up into the cannister. (If you look at the photo of the filter on eBay you'll see where the hole should be. See, they even made a recess for it!)
You'll need to drill it. The worry with doing this is that you don't really want metal filings in the filter now do you. BUT this is very simple to avoid.
You just need to slide a tube-shaped thing - pvc plumbing pipe, a cardboard tube - down inside the filter (about a foot long), stand the filter up on the pipe/tube and then drill the hole from the top. Any shavings will drop down the pipe onto your bench. It's good to also get a vacuum cleaner and run that on the hole while you clean any remnants off.
That's it. You're ready.

When screwing it on you'll also need to fold the 'ears' of the wingnut inward and upward to clear the recess in the top of new filter. I just squeezed mine with vice-grips and they flipped up like it was designed that way. Then use a pair of long-nose pliers to act as a 'key' to wind the wing nut on.

I immediately noticed it ran slightly smoother and quieter at idle and the off-the-line and midrange surge was more consistent - the turbo oomph feels much more progressive. I'd like to call it better throttle response - but that's a bit of wishful motorsport thinking in a 2.3ton, auto, 4WD diesel.

Please, if someone knows of a K&N model that doesn't require the mods please let us know!
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K&N Air Filter - For 3.0 TD
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