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 Brake Warning Light!! 2.8ltr 3L Engine Auto 4WD Campervan

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Been here a while
Been here a while

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Model and year : 1993 Hiace Campervan 4WD 2779cc Diesel Auto Transmission
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PostSubject: Brake Warning Light!! 2.8ltr 3L Engine Auto 4WD Campervan   Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:15 pm

If your Brake Warning light( Red Disc !) comes on whilst every thing appears to be OK check your alternator drive belts.

The light normally comes on with the ignition on but engine not running(as a bulb test), when you pull your hand brake on with the engine running, also when the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir is low( fill near the facia offside seen with the driver's door open). The unexpected occasion it appears is when the vacuum in the brake and 4WD/A/C system is low. The vacuum is generated by the vacuum pump mounted on the alternator, if the drive belts are slack the alternator pulley will slip and produce a low vacuum pressure.

To test if you have low vacuum pressure there is a a pressure warning switch mounted on the vacuum reservoir found on the offside of the vehicle at the front, visible behind the front bumper. There is a rubber shroud covering the connector, if you pull off the connector and put a resistance meter on the single spade connector on the switch and to earth whilst the engine is running if there is a problem the connector will run to earth. If the vacuum is OK you will get no reading.

To adjust the alternator belt tension, lift the engine inspection panel (passenger seat) and lock it with the strap near the seat belt retainer, remove the drivers seat, securing plastic strip near the wheel arch, hand brake cover and covering panel below it (12 & 14mm sockets+phillips screwdriver,) careful with the seat belt warning connector under the seat -use a fine screwdriver to free it from the secured connection.Release the hand brake to give a little more play WITH THE VEHICLE IN GEAR OR P or the wheels chocked , Slide the panel to reveal access to the alternator near the a/c unit if fitted or towards the off side of the vehicle, slacken the top adjusting bolt and the bottom retaining bolt and reposition to give 10-14mm deflection on the belt between the water pump and alternator pulleys.Tighten the top bolt first then the bottom bolt. It is worth checking all the belts (alternator,air con, p/s) whilst you have access, and the general state of the visible engine- bolts nuts, vacuum pipes etc.

With the hand brake off and the engine running before you reassemble you can check the warning light does go off, there is a remote possibility that there is a leak in the vacuum pipes if it still comes on, but usually they are robust unless there has been trauma to the system.

This information is brought to you after several hours checking the hand brake switch,brake fluid level sensor,wiring,earth connections, relays & connections and the threat of a possible impending divorce!!!
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Not so new now
Not so new now

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PostSubject: Re: Brake Warning Light!! 2.8ltr 3L Engine Auto 4WD Campervan   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:52 pm

Thanks John, copied and filed in case of future needs.
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Brake Warning Light!! 2.8ltr 3L Engine Auto 4WD Campervan
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