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 Cleaning your Turbo pressure sensor filter

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PostSubject: Cleaning your Turbo pressure sensor filter   Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:42 am

So, as the work to restore the Hiace to standard continues, I came across some info people may find useful.
Current restoration progress includes:

* Removing lots of 12V trailing wires and sockets (3 so far)
* Removing spurious table base and excess extra carpeting
* Removing the old alarm's loom splice Y connector, control box, mic, movement sensor, pickup box etc
* Removing old Pioneer/Toyota radio that didn't quite fit
* Removing old semi component tweeters (wired into dash boxes!)
* Refit the cover on top of the airbox plumbing (under drivers seat) correctly and with all 3 bolts this time (the inlet air temperature sensor lives under here).
* Remove turbo boost override box

The Turbo override is a little box by Greddy with 3 wires that sat in the engine compartment, Tee'd off the Toyota manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor. I only had the actuator - the controller (as with the alarm remote!) didn't arrive with the van.

What that sensor does is detect the manifold vacuum/pressure, presumably so it can open the wastegate or change the fuelling or whatever an indirect injection diesel ECU does. I'm not sure if the Greddy had any other sensors but I guess time will tell!

Next to the MAP sensor is a little filter. This filter is made by Aisin and is actually original, as the turbo creates positive manifold pressure you get manifold dirt (made dirty by the EGR system) getting into the sensor - so that filter cleans the air.

So I read up on the Hilux forum about this filter here (you have to login, but it's worth it):

and decided that cleaning the MAF and the filter was probably a good idea. Well, I haven't found a MAF yet but the filter is easy if you have some brake cleaner and some compressed air - or some lungs. So I squirted some brake cleaner into the tube from the sensor side and quite a bit of dirt came out until it ran clean. then gently blew it out to dry it - job done!

According to the Hilux guys this makes quite a difference - as you can imagine, the ECU's sensor will be sensing better with this cleaned up.

You have to click on this to display it for some reason:

Green = The sensor
Red = The filter

The MAP sensor is to the left of the pink pipe, the cylinder is the filter that may need cleaning.
Take care with the pipes, the Toyota MAP sensor just wants to be left alone - so leave it alone.

The other big performance mod for these diesels is to clean the inlet manifold and EGR valve, as these get horrifically coked up.
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Cleaning your Turbo pressure sensor filter
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